What to Wear When Cleaning

While some of us know only about wearing old clothes when cleaning the house, others have taken this to another level, resulting in what we now call house-cleaning fashion. Does that sound new to you? If your answer is yes, well, then, you are among the others. Welcome to this contemporary concept.


Think about the last time you cleaned the house and what you wore while working around. Did you ever fuss over your attire? The majority says, “No.” But as you read on, you might change your mind. Remember that there is art in being well dressed even if it is only cleaning.


There have already been posts on different social media about people starting to clean their toilets on heels and lipsticks. A woman named Jenny, for example, said that red lipstick always helped her get the cleaning mood. Is there something to it? Do the dreaded tasks at home become more fun when some lipsticks, dresses, and shoes are involved? Whatever you may find interesting below, note that the key to all this is simply comfort.



 House cleaning 2

Tracksuits are generally known as an outfit that suits a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Just match this with a dark vest and you are ready to go.



house cleaning 5

You can move around in sweat pants and a T-shirt. You can get dirty, stained, and ripped on these. You can even make this combination your cleaning attire in case they are tarnished.



 house cleaning1

Dungarees are not really for casual wear. But if the chore is really heavy or messy, then wear this with authority. It is the best thing to put on if you work on the untidiest domestic works. You can grab a neat cotton T-shirt to pair off with a dungaree.



house cleaning 4

The calico wrap-and-tie kind of dress is also comfortable to wear while cleaning. Pair this with a bandana and you will look so much like Brigitte Bardot.




Some people prefer to wear a skirt, particularly a knee-length skirt, when they clean. This is because skirts are flowing. It has a lot of leg action compared to jeans.


You can really be cool and do well in house-cleaning fashion. This is about time you experiment in cleaning outfits and discover something. Here are some sample pictures of women who have already tried this interesting concept.

house cleaning 3

Even yard work can be fashionable as shown by our friends at Columbia Landscaping and Tree Care

where they found this while installing plants on a project.